As your business has become more successful,

  • Have you become the bottleneck – but you’re not quite sure how to get out of your own way?
  • Are you done listening to the tired “best practices” of yesteryear and looking for something off the beaten path?
  • Do you wonder what’s emergent in the marketplace?
  • Are you feeling restless as a learner, a doer, an adventurous conscious creator – looking for a new way to do business and the next, best version of yourself?
  • In the past have you hired specialists – a mindset coach to motivate you, a strategist to plan, a systems consultant – yet they operated like silos?

Niched experts will only get you so far. They can’t see the forest through their own trees.

The problem is fragmentation.

You need integrated guidance.

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Discover your business landscape and the next step on your journey!

Imagine an ally who sees your business potential,
your business Strategy AND your business Systems
AND your Self evolution to rise up to the call
so you can be productive on purpose!

Integrated Evolutionary Development

Evolution is Reality. Sustainable success in your business begins by embracing change. Setting up yourself and your processes to stay aligned through continuous transformation means

  • No more silo'd experts pulling you in contradictory directions. Integrate and accelerate!
  • Realign your business strategy with your soul and evolve that model consciously and smoothly.
  • Manage business objectives with clarity and grace. Know precisely what's up next, where it leads, and why it matters.
  • Ensure every team member you bring on board is successful in supporting you.
  • Expand to become the best you to hold capacity for this vision (and the next).

On this adventure I bring my eclectic background in everything from ancient wisdom to post-modern business to meet you right where you are – and develop your evolutionary plan to scale to your next level sustainably! As we work together to customize your six month journey, I design your itinerary for this adventure to grow yourself and your business.

No need for you to detour into neuropsychology or computer systems – I have degrees. Or wander into  management theory – I've directed software projects and corporate initiatives.  You don't have to get bogged down in integral theory or meditation techniques – I have certifications in those.  You've got a badass brainiac at your side for that integration that transcends the silo’d fragmentation, and who also happens to love travel and creative play. (And chocolate.)

Alternating ports of personal development with treks of business expansion leads to milestones where you know you have mastered something and the transformation is in place. So we meet virtually twice a month – once to focus (mostly) on your personal evolution practices, and once to focus (mostly) on your business expansion activities.

And no, it’s not a straight line.
It’s never going to be a straight line.
Let's enjoy the journey!