Itinerary for Evolution

We're going to have a long, deep talk, you and I. I want to find out who you really are and what you honestly want to build. Then I design your itinerary for this adventure to align growing yourself and your business.

Launch Your Personal Adventure

Once the itinerary looks good, we can embark on the personal evolutionary journey. We are actually evolving you as the vehicle for the business, which might increase your capacity for
  • Holding the energy of larger groups
  • A wider field of influence and partnerships
  • Taking clients in ever-deepening transformation
  • Systems view of how moving pieces work together
  • Viewing longer and overlapping time horizons
  • Providing empowering leadership in your team
  • Resilience in handling changing circumstances, emergent opportunities, and inevitable challenges
  • Calm in the eye of the storm
You're growing your vehicle through real-life practices into a You able to carry what your business grows into – your future experience of yourself.

In the Context of Business Development

And we’re not evolving your vehicle in isolation! You’re actually doing it in the context of growing your business. So the first stop on the journey is an Evolutionary Business Development  Phasing Plan to
  • Reach more people through more avenues with more leverage
  • Provide more value throughout the customer journey
  • Influence your wider movement according to your values
  • Create more profit and utilize it more intentionally

All in surprising and insightful ways that you ENJOY more because they make sense for who you truly are!

And Systems that Support Your Journey

As we’re evolving the strategy, you’re obviously going to need some new systems in place to support that. So in parallel, your itinerary includes stops to develop your Tech and Team Evolution Plan to

  • Flow more contacts through more channels
  • Streamline more volume and frequency of product distribution
  • Track program delivery/consumption to improve customer experience
  • Honor partnerships and teams as well as clients and prospects
  • Delegate for smooth flow with less friction and less leakage
  • Create empowered leaders who share your vision and values in the world

Then you’ll have tactical stops in our itinerary – some small, some a big deal. We actually build these stretches into your personal development practices as they arise. So you are building the competencies en route to where you want to get to.


Integrated Evolutionary Development

There’s a lot going on and it’s definitely not a straight line.We're taking an ecosystem view of how your business model operates – or should – and prioritizing initiatives to maximize your ROI and free your time, energy, and attention.  It all works together to get you to that treasure.
  • Not just improve mindset in a vacuum
  • Not just do these systems whether you like it or not
  • But actually converging on that emergent future experience that you want to be having

You actually evolve your vehicle (self) in the context of going to various strategy milestones. As you intentionally push some edges, you lean into new competencies to be able to adjust your sails for the emerging strategy. I'm your companion on the journey to integrating your desired experience of yourself in the business results.

In this ecosystem approach, I know the key is to plan in adaptability, to guarantee resilience to change. By opening to the creative force to embrace our Purpose, then supporting its flow with linear Productivity to keep us in motion, we get to stay in relationship with the emerging future.

And as we go, we must grow. Our business becomes the ultimate personal transformation lab, calling forth our own evolution and leadership.


The Vision and the Visionary grow together,
interdependent, symbiotic…
You can’t grow one at the expense of the other!

Karen listened deeply for where my business is heading, and helped me have a bigger picture of how to manage the day-to-day tasks, placing them in the context of the larger vision. She saw opportunities for growth both in how I could expand my client base, as well as stream-lining the process.

She has recommended helpful tools, and coached me in how to use them fully! I am feeling much more confident and at ease as I implement the systems she offered. She is a visionary map-maker, and as I’ve worked with her, I truly have enJOYed the ride!!

~ LK



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