As I savored the glorious vista across formations and mesas and canyons, my guide pointed out, “There is the mouth of the Narrows that we walked to yesterday.”

And I remembered the intimate hug of the sun-warmed red canyon walls, with hanging gardens above the turquoise river.

Which one is more “beautiful”?

Which is more “true”?

Of course, both are true. And beautiful. And glorious.

Isn’t it funny how we humans constantly want to set up one way of seeing as The Right Way?

I was once taught that a mark of wisdom is comfort in ambiguity.

That’s why The Game PATH encourages us to take new perspectives and shift more fluidly within the paradox.

To be able to see the same circumstance from multiple points of view,

hold them all,

and integrate them into a way forward…

that is the evolutionary path of the Leader.

Both Here AND There