The misty day in Muir Woods shown on this tile from The Game PATH was just what I needed to reflect an inner place of almost-clarity. Forms in the distance (the future) were still hazy. The chuckling of the brook was clear.

And the sunbeam shone on the leaves of this new baby tree along with the immense ancestor tree.

The ancestor tree was never “wrong.” Simply completed its lifecycle.

And it’s the same for our old ways of doing things. They served in their season – to reach for the sky or create healing shade. And then they complete. We don’t have to make them “wrong.”

They simply lie down to create space for the new growth.

Forest tiles speak to your actions and automation. That which got you here, the habits and activities, won’t be the way that takes you forward. They were awesome in their time. And now is the season to lay them down and grow something new.

  • For your business right now, have your automation structures gotten arthritic and stiff? (A dated website or email list approach)
  • Are you trying to manage new levels of growth with old systems? (Paper planners were great in their day, but you can’t delegate paper.)

Yes, it can be a bit painful and awkward to let it go. Yet the refresh gives you capacity for your next level of growth!

Endings and Beginnings (Forest Challenge Tile)