The Mountain suit in The Game PATH represents your vision, the big picture of where you want to head.


Details lost in the distance from the beginning at the bottom can become painfully clear — and breathtakingly beautiful — up close.

As we begin our journey, we have an idealized vision of the mountain in the distance. Towering. Majestic. Strong and solid and confident against the blue sky. From this distance, the specifics are blessedly abstracted. Sure you may hear stories from previous climbers, but it’s not your experience yet. And just imagine the view from the top!

That’s what it takes to convince us to step onto the path.

As you approach the base of the real climb, it is daunting. Will I make it? Do I have what it takes?

Well, not yet! You learn and grow IN the climbing! The journey itself builds your capacity for what your unique path will require of you. Your future self smiles in encouragement.

A quarter of the way up

You start to realize just what you’ve gotten yourself into. This is Hard Work, this stretching and developing! You’re pushing your edges. Visibility can be uncomfortable. Finding and speaking your truth. Whatever baggage you started out with becomes apparent – and heavy! Relationship issues, money and worthiness issues, physical stamina, divine trust, control issues… your stuff will start to weigh you down. You learn to lighten your load. Shift your perspective on yourself and what becomes possible for you.

Luckily you believe you’re almost there.

At about halfway

It’s clear you’re not there.  The top, your idea of success, appears more distant than ever. More baggage gets evaluated and dropped. You claim a cache of new supplies. Resilience. Confidence from what you’ve already done. New collaborators along the path.

And you re-examine what your “idea” of success looks like. If you breakthrough now, you realize that success isn’t the destination at the top of the mountain. Success is that you’re following your own path, in your own way, with every step you take. But that may come later.

Rest, don’t stop.

At two-thirds up

You find a flat stretch where walking is easier. Your baggage is so much lighter – you’ve burned a lot off! And you’ve got the hang of your motion. Built the right muscles for this. It is good. You’re successfully doing it. Maybe you could just camp out on this plateau.

Actually, yes you could.

Your fulfillment may lie here. Perhaps the distant view of the peak was just to get you going. Is your heart home here? Are you contributing and receiving at an optimal level for you? Claim it. No one else’s opinion or prodding is relevant – you do not “need” more, bigger, higher, faster. You require only your truth and the fulfillment of your soul.

The narrow trail

And if your heart is not home yet, your own restlessness will guide you to the trail to the very top. It is rough and unworn, narrow and steep. This is like nothing you’ve encountered thus far. This is beyond giving your contribution. This last section is around sharing, making the shift from solo climber to team climbing. Co-creating. Collaborating. Coordinating and communicating. Trust. Relationships. Support and deserving. Whatever baggage you started with shows up again at this higher level. You think back to your beginner self and smile tenderly. This path demands that you face your inner world with even more truth – and evolve.

Because from the top you’ll see the next range of mountains.


Where do you see yourself in your current ascent?

How have you defined success thus far?


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The view changes as you climb the mountain