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90 Days to Cut Expenditures by 50% (time, money)
While Maintaining Profit

Is that even possible?

Colorful tiny house

That's what makes it an experiment!


Is This For Me?

This experimental space is for you if you

  • Are self-employed or have a small team, and you're not enamored of the empire-building route
  • Want to constrain the time and attention for the business (family, health, travel, …)
  • Feel confused or overwhelmed by how much you have on your plate
  • Have some household income and want refinement (talk to me about simplified start-ups)
  • Want guidance from someone who knows the ropes and community where you can explore without shaming

The Hypothesis

80% of revenue is coming from 20% of our

  • Program delivery
  • Marketing
  • Tech

The other 80% of expended energy is actually DISTRACTING from our desired lifestyle. It's stuff we picked up for historical reasons, because someone was running a special, to be nice, out of vanity because everyone else was doing it, to experiment with and abandon, …

Choosing what is essential (from our Essence) gives a different outcome!

Dragon Tiny House

The Method

Phase 1: Essence

Unwavering clarity on what matters most and how to measure it

Phase 2: Remodel

Remove distractions, reveal beauty

Phase 3: Proof of Concept

Run it and review the metrics that matter

Tiny House on the Road

The Observations & Conclusions

  • Debrief
  • Refine
  • Keep what works for…


  • Joy
  • Intimacy
  • Presence
  • Sustainability
  • Freedom
  • Aliveness (hobbies, growth, relationships)

The Proposal

  • 90 Days (so you can keep having a life)
  • Personal Guidance on 6 Live Small-group Zoom Calls (with Recordings)
    • Identify what is Essential
    • New ways to measure
    • The pruning process
    • Emphasizing the Essential
    • Riding the waves of change
    • Honest review and new choices
  • Private Facebook Group for questions and community with others who see a Tiny Biz Village as their path to income with peace of mind
  • e-Guides as Needed
  • $500*
    * Because I've taken stock of my multiple business endeavors and restacked them to create the debt-free experience I actually want to be having, one of my commitments to the small business community is to provide affordable business coaching. If this investment is the deal-breaker for you, please talk with me.

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