A fun getaway to design the business you want to work in
for the way you want to live!

Been following the TinyBiz Village and wondering how to make the concept work for you? Now's the time to come play at the TinyBiz Fest and get your dream design on the road!
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What is a TinyBiz, you ask?

In the TinyBiz movement, we explore how to remove distractions and overhead so that our primary intention shines clearly.
The TinyBiz Village is for folks who are in a season of life where full-throttle ambition to build an empire doesn’t make sense. It’s about having a nice, profitable business that fits within the rest of the life we’re choosing. Making a living more than making a killing.
This might be for you if…

  • Your business must fit inside constraints, like family or health
  • Or you’re ready for semi-retirement
  • Or you’ve built a big empire and burned out
  • Or you’re more interested in having a life beyond income generation

We enjoy doing our few things really well, then getting on with having a life. No shame about playing small or blame around revenue goals.
A simple joyful focus on what matters most, in business and in life!

What would your unique TinyBiz look like?


Part-time? Flexible hours? 


Location independent?


Inch wide and mile deep?
Mile wide and inch deep?



During these 2 days, we'll fill in all the details!


  • Floorplan: Identify your unique life priorities and which TinyBiz model best matches
  • Foundation: Quantify what really matters to you so you can compare options based on your own priorities (not profit uber alles!)
  • Framing: Design your ideal traffic flow of marketing and delivery through your TinyBiz model
  • Finish: Select the minimum viable systems needed to build your TinyBiz and look at some of the personal growth edges that are likely to come up for you


Come experience tiny house living, meet other TinyBiz owners, share some potluck meals, and get tons of inspiration and application near the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains! (You can expand your visit before or after with hiking, biking, rafting or kayaking, brewery tours, and on and on.)


You’ll cover your own travel, lodging (both single and double accommodations are available.), and food. I’m only asking $100 toward my expenses for this combo of teaching and focus group, plus feedback.


Imagine how fun this will be – to play together in a brand new business movement that we get to design as we go! Let me know what you’d be most interested to learn as I’m putting together the outline! (Heaven knows I have plenty of possible directions…)


Dates: August 11-13th, 2021
Location: WeeCasa Tiny House Resort, Lyons, CO
Tuition: $100

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