Karen Joy Fritz, your Purposetivity Partner

Karen faceThrough years of self-development, they told me, “You need to get out of your head.”

Which was met with a blank look and, “Where else would I go??”

My superpower just happens to be seeing patterns so I  can blend who you really are, where you're going, and how you can enjoy your journey to get there!

I am equally at home exploring motorcycling, motherhood, management, or meditation ~ anything that brings me deeper into the experience of aliveness at the creative edge. At the same time, I've learned what it takes to smoothly run successful 7-figure entrepreneurial ventures while being hired to teach on five continents.

Entrepreneurial burnout led me to meditation and a sustained awakening. The kind where thoughts fall away and there is only the moment and the experience of the Divine. I thought I was going to become a spiritual teacher for corporate leadership to integrate intuition and intellect.

Life had other plans for me, though.

Significant health challenges culminating in a whack on the side of the head during a motorcycle fall took me out of the game for a while. I lost access to words and memory, and found myself sleeping 15 hours a day. It was through me needing to make my systems conscious that I realized other people didn’t even have them. Here was a grass-roots way for me to truly serve the emergent small business economy.

Endlessly fascinated with what makes people tick, I have degrees in Neuropsychology and Computer Science from the University of Michigan and certifications in Integral Coaching, Divine Navigation, and Awakening Coaching. I have experienced sacred sites around the world as well as co-founded the Colorado chapter of Conscious Capitalism. I enjoy helping people learn—and unlearn—to become more effective in creating the change they wish to see in the world.

I take a stand for transforming the fabric of society
through business as a force for good. 

Why am I the one to help you with the Strategy aspect of your business? Because the adventurous part of me totally understands risk management. That’s how I traveled and wrote the Art of Adventure.

What am I going to be able to do for your Systems? Well, the intelligence part of me that has done project management wrote the book Purposetivity.

And that piece around Self evolution? That’s what spawned the game PATH, which builds competence at the intersection of system thinking and intuition through play.


Integrating my exuberance about diverse fields– tech and psych; quantum physics and cultural anthropology; business and ancient wisdom – fuels my ability to make a difference by getting you into action that’s aligned with who you truly are.


It’s about experiencing the wonder of the life you’re actually living!