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As your business has become more successful,

  • Have you become the bottleneck – but you’re not quite sure how to get out of your own way?
  • Are you feeling restless as a learner, a doer, an adventurous conscious creator – looking for a new way to do business and the next, best version of yourself?
  • Are you done listening to the tired “best practices” of yesteryear and looking for something off the beaten path?
  • In the past have you hired specialists – a mindset coach to motivate you, a strategist to plan, a systems consultant – yet they operated like silos?

Niched experts will only get you so far. They can’t see the forest through their own trees.

The problem is fragmentation.

You need integrated guidance.

Imagine an ally who recognizes
how to develop YOUR potential
your business Strategy AND your business Systems
so you can be productive on purpose!

By recognizing how you are ideally designed for what you're here to do, we build your customized development program with practices that also build your newly aligned business success.

Through direct experience, you can:

    • Recognize your current leadership scope and direction
    • Identify blind spots
    • Reframe outgrown belief systems and habits of being
    • Describe and create the experience you want to be having
    • Express yourself through your emergent business model

Working Together


Karen Joy Fritz
Evolutionary Coach, Speaker, Author

Karen Joy Fritz, Evolutionary Coach, invented “PATH: A Strategic Transformation Game” and published best-selling “Purposetivity: The Feminine Face of Productivity,” and “The Art of Adventure.”

Fascinated with how people tick, Karen has degrees in Neuropsychology and Computer Science from the University of Michigan and multiple coaching certifications including Integral Coaching and Enneagram.

She “graduated” from corporate management decades ago, and has enjoyed successful 7-figure entrepreneurial ventures while being hired to teach on five continents.

Karen is equally at home exploring motorcycling, motherhood, management, or meditation ~ anything that brings her deeper into the experience of aliveness. She has traveled the world to experience sacred sites as well as co-founded the Colorado chapter of Conscious Capitalism.

Karen’s takes a stand for transforming the fabric of society through conscious, awake people innovating sustainable solutions that bring more joy, passion, and aliveness to the world.

Inventor, author, speaker, and coach, Karen is your guide in both the inner and outer worlds.


Ronda Renee
Karen Fritz is my savior!
Ronda Renee, Founder Divine Navigation

“As a highly creative entrepreneur I rarely think in a straight line. From our very first meeting, Karen took the jumbled mess in my head and magically transformed it into half-a-dozen core processes. She has created systems that will grow along with the continued growth of Divine Navigation. She has totally changed my world and my business!"

Audrey Sussman
Audrey Sussman, CHT

"Your instructions were so clear it made it easy for me to follow and do the work needed.
That is just what I was looking for - clear instructions that I can follow and feel like I accomplished something. "

Joie Gharrity
Karen brought her 30+ years experience to the room
Joie Gharrity
Brand Director, Author, International Speaker

"I have seen your coaching in action and I was blown away at how fast you identified the inner game topic then shared an outer game business solution."

John Suter
I love working with her and experience her as a terrific coach
John Suter

"I always feel she is present with me, listening to me and standing for who I truly am. We are in a partnership, and she seems to have no other agenda. I would recommend her without reservation as a coach."

Christine Levin
What I got was so much more.
Christine Levin, Attorney

"Somehow she was able to connect getting decluttered to living your life's true purpose! If you have not had the opportunity to get to know Karen Fritz, put doing so on the top of your to do list!"

Victoria Lisi
She made me feel empowered to continue this process on my own.
Victoria Lisi, Artist

“I recently finished a coaching program with Karen Fritz. My life has changed in that I’m calmer, more centered, more regular in practice, more confident I can release my own emotional glitches as they come up. I highly recommend her.”

VD, Colorado
Considerably more ‘free in the moment.’
VD, Colorado

“Working with Karen through this process was very liberating. As we released the charges and habits, I began to feel calmer, lighter, and considerably more ‘free in the moment.’ Moving nimbly through situations that would have caused trepidation or anger in the past, now met with a calm heart and steady nerves."

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Evolution is Reality.
Sustainable success in your business begins by embracing change.

Setting up yourself and your processes to stay aligned through continuous transformation means

  • Realign your business strategy with your soul and evolve that model consciously and smoothly.
  • Manage business objectives with clarity and grace. Know precisely what's up next, where it leads, and why it matters.
  • Ensure every team member you bring on board is successful in supporting you.
  • Expand to become the best you to hold capacity for this vision (and the next).

On this adventure I bring my eclectic background in everything from ancient wisdom to post-modern business to meet you right where you are.




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