OK, friends,

The landscape changes. We change. Even if we've been on this road before, it might be a good time to review whether our gear is going to get us where we want to go!

What if you had just the tools you needed for the journey you’re on, and every one of them fit you perfectly?

I’m seeing a gap that has people as anxious as excited to start planning for the next leg of the journey. It says, “I want to but.”

  • I want to bring on an assistant, but all my lists are in my paper planner
  • I want to have my assistant do more, but my lists are jumbled and chaotic
  • I want to automate scheduling, but my schedule is in my paper calendar
  • I just want to FEEL more organized and competent, but I have sticky notes and mini-lists all over my desk
  • I want to DO something with all the great ideas I’ve had in workshops, but the notes are in a dozen (very cute) journals scattered around

Better productivity lets you ENJOY

Think of your personal productivity tools as the backpack that goes with you on every step of your journey in 2020.

  • Focusing on what matters – to your profit and your passion
  • Finding what you need when you need it, saving hours of searching or re-creating
  • Efficient use of resources, so you have more profit from your revenue
  • More bandwidth to create new offerings or have that time for yourself and your family
  • Peace of mind, knowing you're organized and ready
  • Saving money by not having to re-purchase things you can't find

Think about it. What if getting organized and smoothing your flow “only” gained you back one day per month. What would you DO with an extra day every month from here on out?!?


Wish you could unpack some of your business baggage and start with a lighter load?

Feel like you're carrying way too much on your journey?

Is your pack too heavy, or outdated?

Do you have the right gear for your style of journey?

Does it fit properly?

Did everything in your pack serve you well in the last year?

Can we lighten your pack and make your life easier?

I have a straight-out personal productivity package for coaches and creatives. (Task, calendar, contacts, email, notes)

So here’s what I want to do

  • Spend some time getting to know you on a deeper level
  • Check into what tools you’re currently using and how you’re using them
  • Match the tools for you that will serve you best in each category
  • Prioritize which to do first for maximum breathing space
  • Provide guidance on how to set them up (written and/or zoom recordings)
  • Provide practices and rituals for building your consistency muscles

And get that done in a 30 day, done-with-you window.

Let's talk about it!


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Carry just what you need in a pack fitted to you so you can focus on what you love!

Here’s the thing. I LOVE doing in-depth coaching work, and that’s the foundation of my business model. At the same time, applying the way I gather and get your personal style to productivity is nearly reflex to me, like driving a car. That thing that comes so easily to me that it’s hard for me to see I’ve done anything.

So let me bring that gift to your world right now.

I’m creating a mini-program to work with you 1-1 to fully understand your work style and go straight to recommending the tools that fit who you are, what you’re doing, and the stage of your business. Then I’ll provide mini-tutorials for you to set up the tools. We’ll have implementation sessions to answer any questions and polish any rough edges. Then I’ll teach you to use the tools well. You’ll receive a process tutorial and a walkthrough with me.

Be Prepared to Truly HAVE that Great Business that's Waiting For YOU!

To move forward in your success, some things are going to have to stay behind.

  • Overwhelm
  • Confusion, Jumble, and Chaos
  • Spinning and Distraction
  • Things falling through the cracks
  • Time wasted searching

More than just a roadmap, this is your chance for us to get you truly set up for success. Together.

So you can actually Enjoy Your Journey!


Let's talk about it!


Or drop me an email!