The Art of Adventure happens when prepared curiosity takes inspired action.  The spirit of adventure isn’t a wild ass leap into danger just for the thrill ride. And it’s not armchair dreaming in front of the travel channel with a pile of travel books.

  • Explore what the essence of Adventure means to you.
  • Discover ways to bring the Spirit of Adventure to your everyday life.
  • Embark on your journey of insight, innovation, and  evolution.
  • Bring just that twist of creativity and attention that makes every situation shine and touches the intimate uniqueness of the moment.

The Art of Adventure uses my motorcycle adventuring as a metaphor to integrate ancient wisdom into empowered every day living. The arc of bite-sized essays evokes authentic desire and activates the courage to step into fulfilling Life.

“Each new page of The Art of Adventure is a delightful and inspirational surprise. Fritz offers her personal journey in teaching moments generously filled with the challenges, successes, failures, and triumphant recoveries that can be applied to many of life's situations. With all its stories, lush photography and inspirational quotes, this is the kind of book that you keep handy for those moments when you're feeling stuck.”
~ Carla King, Misadventures Media

The Art of Adventure shows you how to come to that merging of action and awareness that makes your experience come alive. It’s about the ultimate adventure: expanding divine capacity at our own human edge. Expanding our transformational influence in the world.

Austin Hill Shaw“Karen Fritz's The Art of Adventure confronts the myths of outward danger seeking and returns it to its real significance: the conscious act of unveiling that which is most alive within all of us. Using her new-found love of motorcycle touring as a metaphor, Fritz provides both inspiration and step-by-step instruction for what it means to truly live a heart felt, passion fueled, inner adventure of the heart.”

~ Austin Hill Shaw, Creativity Expert and
Author of The Shoreline of Wonder: On Being Creative

Arjuna Ardagh

“This is a great little book by a very courageous and authentic woman. Everything Karen describes here, she has lived for real in her own life. She will guide you to overcome the fear and resistance that holds you back from living your life as a nothing-held-back adventure.”

~ Arjuna Ardagh, Founder of Awakening Coaching,
Author of Better than Sex and The Translucent Revolution



“I LOVE this soul-nourishing book! Karen Fritz's book The Art of Adventure masterfully guides you into a real experience of conscious living, as she shares simple, yet powerful vignettes. Every word immediately transports the reader. Get ready for a beautiful ride into new depths of consciousness, that juicy haven where inner peace is always alive.”

~ Mary Allen, MCC, Author of “The Power of Inner Choice” and America's Inner Peace Coach

The Art of Adventure is not just a call to action (travel); it’s a call to awaken. The Art of Adventure asks ‘Are you having fun living your own life?' Are you ‘releasing your fragrance and flavor into the world' or are you caught up in endless contortions trying to fit someone else’s prescribed notions of what your life is supposed to look like? In every compelling, thought-provoking page, Karen Fritz takes us on a journey with her and shows us how important it is to ‘ride our own ride.' Read one a day for inspiration or delve into the narrative for a dose of transformation. Deep, insightful, witty! Highly recommended!!”

~ Davina Kotulski, Ph.D. Psychologist, Author, and Life Coach

Each essay accompanies a photo from my travels throughout the world. Or my home. I share exactly what I'm feeling on my adventures and how it has helped me integrate presence and compassion into my life. Insight questions for each topic help you bring your own wisdom to the surface so you can take YOUR next steps!


Ronda Renee“Karen Fritz’s Art of Adventure will awaken and inspire you to dive in to the adventure that is your life – whatever that may look like!”

~ Ronda Renee, Creator and Founder of


KipLambel“The essays evoke a variety of feelings. Some are like sitting in the kitchen, sipping tea with a friend. Others are more of a rush of insight or inspiration. The stream of consciousness style points out direct experience and builds to the “You are That so go live it” conclusion.”

~ Kip Lambel, Minister and River Guide


DorothyLiebich“Can’t tell you the worlds it has opened up for me. I’m too old to go do the things you do. But thanks to you and your book, it showed me adventure doesn’t have to be beyond my realm of possibility. Could be insignificant to somebody else, but I don’t care about somebody else ~ its mine! It opened a door of  ‘What are you waiting for? What’s the worst thing that could happen? For heaven sakes do it!'”

~ Dorothy Liebich,
Owner, Administrative Assistance