Be Productive in Your Purpose
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Having a hard time adapting to those “proven systems” for productivity? If you’re a right-brain or heart-centered entrepreneur, it may not be your fault! Those systems were developed during the Industrial Revolution to make people produce—like robots. Consistent, predictable, controllable. None of which describe your heart of hearts!   Purposetivity-Mockup1-LSince you’re not looking to grind out the same widget day after day, let’s completely shift your relationship with time.  Purposetivity gives you a whole new paradigm to align your activities and plans with your highest truth.

Ronda Renee of Divine Navigation, inspiration for Purposetivity

  • Specific practices to identify your Soul's Intention
  • Worksheets to recognize the Personality Style your Soul designed
  • Templates to architect a business model that integrates all of who you are
  • Comparison exercises to choose the specific tools to support you best
  • Guidance on actually using your new systems to guarantee productivity on your terms
  • Worksheets to attract, interview, hire, and on-board team members who fit your culture
  • Specific communication recommendations to minimize missed expectations and maximize effectiveness

Purposetivity is a set of perspectives to look at and align your soul’s intention, heart’s desire, head’s plans, and hands’ work. When every action you take is sourced in something deeper and every tool you use supports your unique expression, you’re free to succeed on your own terms!

EnJOY the Journey!




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