A business tool for transformational leaders.

Host a Game Night
(or Tea or Soiree or…)

The Game PATH is a unique business tool that allows Transformational Leaders to gather to PLAY and invites their intuitive guidance to clarify next steps in order to make a big impact in the world doing what they do best.

Here's the best part as host(ess)… You get to PLAY!

With my foundation as Evolutionary Leader and business strategist, I'll do all the heavy lifting. I'll:

  • Describe how the game came to be
  • What the pieces signify
  • How to interpret your results
  • Guide setting up action steps to go out and walk your PATH

During our time together, I'll facilitate playing the game and showcase one person at the front of the room. I'll wander around and work with individuals 1-1 with their as well as share insights with the whole group. I'll be sharing my story of my own experience in the places I took these pictures and how they're arranged in the game format, as well as depth background in neuropsych, mythic meaning, marketing strategies, and automation. That's where the integration of Self (River), Strategy (Mountains), and Systems (Forest) comes from!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time does Game Night take?
    90 minutes is great!
  • How many people can play?
    PATH is a solitaire style game that we all play in the same room at the same time during community game nights.  I'll bring games for 8-10 players. (If you have tons of players, let's set up multiple sessions!)
  • How much does it cost?
    I'm not currently charging for these “keynote” style presentations to your intimate circle.
  • Do we need a large table?
    We need to be able to lay out 4″ tiles, but we don't all need to be at the same table. So long as each person has a sturdy surface to place 3 tiles (about 4″ each), we're good to play!
  • Is it a board game?
    The Game PATH is a solitaire style game that involves laying out square tiles. Every time you play, you create a different board.
  • What can people expect from playing The Game PATH? In our game nights, people are gaining clarity around key decision points upcoming in their business journey. This insight helps to evaporate inner roadblocks to providing our service in the world. Taking different perspectives on known issues brings new confidence and hope as you go out of the room and back to doing what you do best.
  • When is Karen Herself, the Evolutionary Leader, Author, Speaker available?
    Check out the calendar – Karen is looking forward to building travel into her own business model!
  • What does Karen offer at Game Night?
    The game is $36 online and $30 at game nights. In addition, Karen will offer a 60 minute in-depth PATH consultation or $95 for anyone who wants more clarity from their layout or using the cards in the future.

Upcoming PATH Game Nights

Talk with Karen to schedule in your area soon!

Invitation text you can use to invite your community

I am hosting a night featuring Evolutionary Leader, Author and Speaker Karen Joy Fritz who is touring  sharing her new game called PATH that she built specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners. Join us for an evening of snacks, drinks and insights and innovative solutions on your path to business success.

Learn more about the game PATH:
PATH is the unique strategic transformation game where Mountains, Forests, and Rivers become metaphors for strategy, system, and self-evolution in your business. You learn from nature to better navigate your entrepreneurial ecosystem! Leaning into the intersection of systems thinking and intuition gives you perspective on both so you can make conscious choices to evolve in alignment with your intentions. You’ll leave with new insights on where to put your attention right now as well as new perspectives to take to develop innovative solutions. In your heroic PATH of entrepreneurship, there’s plenty of room for fun!

Set Up

Laying out the cards takes about a foot of linear space, plus each player will have a sheet of paper (that I'll provide). Around one table is nice if people can fit, or smaller tables, or even large books can work.

If you would like to provide some simple snacks, that can support the people who will show up without having eaten (and there will be a few). Ideas include:

  • Tortilla chips
  • Salsa
  • 2 Bite Brownies
  • Almonds
  • M&Ms
  • Water and soda are fine
  • If you and your folks prefer, simple wine and beer are fine – but certainly not required!

Please let it look easy – so some of your guests are inspired to host Game Nights of their own!

Karen Joy Fritz

Karen's bio

Karen Fritz, Evolutionary Leader, author, and speaker published best-selling “Purposetivity: The Feminine Face of Productivity for Time, Team & Tech,” and “The Art of Adventure.” Karen is equally at home exploring motorcycling, motherhood, management, or meditation ~ anything that brings her deeper into the experience of aliveness at the creative edge. She “graduated” from corporate management decades ago, and has learned what it takes to smoothly run successful 7-figure entrepreneurial ventures while at the same time being hired to teach on five continents.
Her unbridled exuberance about integrating diverse degrees and certifications in tech and psych; quantum physics and cultural anthropology; business and ancient wisdom lets Karen bring deep insight alive with entertaining stories and experiential activities. Always, always, always weaving in the crucial nugget of each person's unique work, Karen takes a stand for transforming the fabric of society through business as a force for good.