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Engaging & Informative Talks

Future-proof: Where to align your business with authentic evolution

From her role at the inception of the internet revolution, Karen knows the importance of spotting the route to meaningful success and making the journey enjoyable. Each keynote is tailored to provide the audience with tangible tools that provide ongoing guidance and streamline the steps from purpose to profit.

In this dynamic, interactive session, you’ll learn 3 steps so:

  • Your strategy for connecting and contributing is aligned
  • Your systems and automation support what you’re actually doing
  • You evolve to your best self in the process!

Discover Your Sacred Sauce: The missing ingredient that turns burnout into sustainable success

In today’s marketplace, it can be challenging not to let burnout impact your business success. Technology promises quick results on one hand and relationship building can pull the opposite direction.

Karen shares her signature process to blend your authentic sacred sauce:

  • How to identify and integrate the unique quality to elevate your business success
  • How you are designed perfectly for what you’re here to do
  • Precisely how to play to your strengths

Business as Path for Transformational Leaders: Your business can’t go where you won’t grow

Karen customizes this talk specifically for rooms geared toward transformational leaders. As an evolutionary coach herself, she touches on topics that inspire a deeper inner game in service to the world. Business becomes the ultimate personal transformation lab, calling forth our own evolution and leadership as we give our contribution in the world.

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