The stretch of the Umpqua River in Oregon shown on this tile in The Game PATH is the most astonishing shade of deep teal blue!

While part of me scientifically wondered about the copper content when I was there, the rest of me wanted to just drench my eyes in the color feast. That’s the way it feels when we meet someone vibrantly authentic. Partly we may wonder at their back-story. But even more, we want to get closer. Find out what makes them glow. Perhaps allow ourselves to glow a little more, too.

You know, every water molecule in this river is clear. It’s only the dissolved minerals carried in the current that give one river a teal color and another, muddy brown. The geological experiences the river has been through color how it shows up.

As pure energy flows through you, your experiences show in your habits and expectations – the lenses you see the world through. They are not accidents. They become part of your beauty in how you carry them.

River cards are about your inner flow. Mostly this tile has to do with showing your true colors. Sometimes you are not even aware of (or don’t allow yourself to see) the amazingness that others perceive in you.

Or you may have received messages not to let it show.

Now is a time to let all that wash away.

Review where you’re not showing up fully due to carrying someone else’s muck — especially around expectations.

Of you

Of others

Of results

  • Are they muddy expectations you picked up from others who were unclear (or focused on their own agenda)?
  • Are you projecting a past experience that is muddying your perspective?

Find, acknowledge, celebrate, and amplify what is most uniquely, vividly, vibrantly you!

Seriously, I don’t want to see you as a reflection of someone else’s opinion or teaching. We don’t need another… anyone. The world yearns for YOU!

Action: Ask in your circles or on social media what people find unique in you. Notice what back-talk comes up in your head when you start to work that into your bio and branding. Declare YOU loud and proud!

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