A TinyBiz(TM) might be for you right now if…

  • Your business must fit inside constraints, like family or health
  • Or you’re ready for semi-retirement
  • Or you’ve built a big empire and burned out
  • Or you’re more interested in having a life beyond income generation

What would your unique TinyBiz look like?


Part-time? Flexible hours? 


Location independent?


Inch wide and mile deep?
Mile wide and inch deep?


Find out which TinyBiz Floorplan best matches your lifestyle and passions!



My desire for time freedom is
My desire for location freedom is
What is the primary source of income for your household?
How close to covering your required expenses are you now?
What is your kids’ schooling situation on days you want to work?
Do you have elder care responsibilities?
When you free up time, what will you be using it for? (Choose up to 3)
When you travel, how long are you away from home base?
When you think of time freedom, how big are the chunks you want?
How comfortable are you with computers and technology? (Mostly facilitates location independence and delegation)
How do you most enjoy discovering & connecting with potential clients?
How mature is your business now?
Is your client delivery
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