Yes, your life is about you and the expression and experience your soul is having as you.

But your business vision needs to be a wider perspective, more inclusive, more wholistic. Your business stems from you and who you are yet it has its own journey. When the vision gets crystal clear about the ripple effect of the lives you touch, you sense its truest purpose. And that’s the one you yearn to move forward productively.

As you show up with the gifts and beingness that you contribute, what does the wider world experience of itself? What potentials do you activate? What becomes possible because you show up?

Your annual business goals definitely include sustainability for your business – increasing revenue, controlling expenses, deepening team culture, and so on.

But until your vision goes beyond “what’s in it for me and mine” it’s not compelling enough to pull you through your next veil in the economy.

For each time you touch a life and bring your transformation to one area of that life – mental, physical, spiritual, emotional – what is the impact of that on every other area of that person’s life? What expands for them in Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finance? 

What new potential have you activated in their household? Or the “household” of their business? 

And as the people closest to them – family, coworkers, community – experience this expansion in them, how are those individual lives touched? 

Consider that collective – all the lives touched by the improved experience of ONE of your clients. What is possible for that pod? 

And if you add up the pods of all your clients, what is emergent in the world because of your work touching lives? 

For me, I’m highly intentional about working with transformational businesses for precisely this reason. When one of my clients gets clear on her business structure and strategy, and recognizes and transcends her key self-limitations, she can reach out and affect change in tens or hundreds of lives directly; thousands of lives through the internet or speaking. And those ripples intersect. Together, my sphere of influence is amplified into an economic realm of good. Whether certified B-Corps or not, WE ARE business as a force for good in this world. That’s a world I want to live in. That’s a world that I’m excited to play a role in creating. 

Especially when I do it by remaining aligned with the truth of my own essence, when I come to my days expressing what is in my Soul and experiencing all that my Soul is here for (whether it is pleasant or not, it’s part of the adventure). 

Try this

Settle deeply into your connection with the Universe.

Sense your essence saturating your body, your thoughts, your emotions. Invoke your Divine Coordinates if you know them. Otherwise call up your Core Desired Feelings and your word for the year. Really fill your space with the truest youness.

Recognize the gift of your presence – what you bring to a room before you say a word.

Invoke the gift of your work – the way you touch lives and the transformation possible for one client’s whole experience because you showed up.

Watch the effects of that ripple out through waves of people from one client. 

Now, take an imaginary step back, so you can see a handful of your clients. Watch the ripples expand and begin to intersect. Remember, only 6 degrees of separation!

Step back again and notice the influence you have on lives you don’t actually work with. See your footprint on social media. See the wake you leave in events you attend. Notice how some people light up with an inspiration you never knew you gave. And the ripples of their lives in motion.

Take another imaginary step back so your vision expands through time and you perceive the collective of the lives the gift of you has touched – past, present, and future. How those ripples knit together. How the ripples of your clients intersect with the ripples of your power partners and strategic alliances. 

What is it like to LIVE this cross-section of the world experience? What is the world you’re contributing to and how does it FEEL to LIVE here? Feel it in your bones now. Feel the emotional tones of it now. Know the truth of it now. 

Let the goodness of your gift rest into its home in you.

Gently bring your attention back to present time, to intentional creation for 2018. Sitting powerfully, with great potency, as the essence of who you are, what initiatives do you want to embark on in the coming year? 

How many client lives do you want to touch?

How do you want to deepen or expand your service to them?

How many lives do you want to touch in-passing, through social media or speaking, even if they never become paying clients?

How will you choose to contribute to your own wider community through philanthropy? 

What beneficial presence are you yearning to BE as you progress through this year?

How will you shape your footprint on the environment? 

How will you be intentional about what your business consumes? Creates? Composts?

How do you want to be fully present in partnerships? Where will you seek strategic alliances?
When you combine these expressions of your Purpose with your income and sustainability goals, you can shift your productivity measures from Key Performance Indicators to Key Purpose Indicators that guide you in staying on YOUR course throughout the year of creation!

Your Business Vision Is Not All About You
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