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Empires are Great!

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Face it, some people are in the phase of life to go all-in for their business.

  • Support the entire household
  • Be a job creator
  • Build a legacy
  • Have global impact and influence

Those are great! Have at it!

Experts abound!


But it’s not for me. Been there, done that.

It’s just not that interesting any more.
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What  IS  interesting is FREEDOM!


Freedom FROM

Freedom TO

  • Financial overhead
  • Stress of Overwhelm
  • Anxiety of being stuck when times change
  • Responsibility for team's livelihood
  • Confines of schedules and pressure of launches
  • (Not so) subtle comparisons and guilt trips, expectations, and image-making
  • Be more fully Present, more engaged
  • Focus on relationships – self, spirit, family, friends, community
  • Participate in community, volunteer
  • Play! Travel, explore, discover
  • Pursue personal interests and goals
  • Get a fuckin’ LIFE!

And you get to enjoy a business where you can

  • Contribute your highest gift
  • Experiment – and keep or drop
  • Express creativity
  • Build on strengths and competency

AND STILL do what brings actual value to your life and business!

“Business minimalism refocuses resources towards the most significant areas of a business,
removing unnecessary processes and products.”

~European CEO magazine



So what actually IS the difference?


Core objective is continuous growth
“Never enough”
No rest, never slow down
Success by your own definition
Conditions of Enoughness
Values-based metrics, both financial and energetic
“Make a killing”
The end justifies the means
“Make a living”
Build in personal and community growth
Shaming, comparison
“Go big or go home”
Image making, performative lifestyle
Build on strengths
Authenticity and vulnerability
Lifestyle choices come first
High-ticket packaging
Minimize 1-1 touch
Pack more “bonuses” into package
More accessible and affordable
Simple clear product
Every marketing channel
Long, complicated funnels
Follow all trends in “what's working now”
Focus single promise to single audience
Single channel, simple access
Marketing delivers part of the journey
High investment in technology
Dedicated team members
Buy your way into expensive mentorship circles
Integrate personal and business systems (productivity)
Only the systems needed to do the job
Humble mentors who deliver results

*Note that many, many people are growing empires by being of true value and service. However there is a trend in the coaching and online marketing world to some of the attitudes mentioned here.



What  I Want for YOU!


  • Overhead, maintenance
  • Distraction
  • Waste
  • Stress, shame, comparison
  • Expense (time & money)
  • Complexity, overwhelm



  • Joy
  • Intimacy
  • Presence
  • Sustainability
  • Freedom
  • Alivemenss (hobbies, growth, relationships)